Introducing our hardworking Canadian Caper Team.

Yuri Chumak: Lawyer, Programmer
Yuri is an entrepreneur who works with artists, creatives, and inventors in his day job as an IP lawyer. He is active on Twitter, edits the ipatents.ca blog and contributes to Escape Games Toronto (EGT). Yuri is also a programmer and technology enthusiast.
errol Errol ElumirMusician, Puzzle Design
Errol Elumir first got into the obsession of online puzzle hunts back in Puzzle Donkey days. In general, he loves creating things. With his creative partners, he  has created a few puzzle hunts, wrote a musical, filmed some videos, penned plays and composed music. He also has a daily webcomic.
Jen Jen Fehr: Escape Room Enthusiast, Lawyer
Jen was born in the wrong time. Rather than growing up on the Prairies in the 80s, she should have been a spy undercover as a lounge singer in Paris in the 1920s. When she’s not dressing up and living out her alter ego fantasies in escape games, Jen can be found at her day job, kicking ass for the working class and reliving her childhood with her kids.
Will Will HutchesonFamily Law Lawyer, Amateur Board Game Designer and Enthusiast, Fun Creator
When he is not busy working as a lawyer or raising his two kids, Will can usually be found trying to get together a game of Agricola, making up a board game of his own, doing an escape room or reviewing escape games on the blog that he is the primary writer for Escape Games Toronto (EGT).
manda Manda WhitneyStory Design
Manda is a Toronto based actor/writer who focuses far too much on writing geeky comedies. She often writes and performs crazy things with Errol Elumir on their Youtube channel, WEtangent. When she is not getting harassed by Errol, she is playing video games, writing on her blog, or eating pie.
headshot-1-1 (1) Ruby YuanActor, Event Planner/Coordinator
Ruby has held many roles throughout her life, including Actor, Model, Talent Coach, Event Planner & Coordinator, and W.P.I.C Certified Wedding Planner.  As an event planner she has worked on corporate and celebration events for her company R:Time Events.  On her spare time, she tours around Ontario with Mike to escape and review all the places they can.  You can catch their adventures on Escape Games Review (EGR).

Mike Yuan: Webmaster, Escape Room Expert/Consultant
Primary writer and leader of Escape Games Review (EGR), which has reviewed over 150 rooms in Ontario. Mike also works with Escape Room owners and Enthusiasts on advancing the Escape Room Industry.  During the day he is a business owner, engineer and has years of event coordination under his belt.